Freedom Rising

Posted by Ace on August 5th, 2011 filed in letters from Ace, moving

All the books mentioned in my previous post have been welcomed with open arms at the care center where Opal is receiving her physical therapy.  The seniors and other full-time residents there are starved for new reading material, and anything they’re not interested in, the staff is happy to find homes for or take themselves.  Bullseye.

Uriel helped me haul all the books there.  He and his wife are going to rent a truck, and take the couch and all the bookcases, plus possibly take the rest of the furniture, too (except for my computer chair and table, unless it turns out in the final hour that those two things won’t fit in my car after all.)   We got the antique Russian pine cabinet into the back of his car and sent that home with him today, rather than have him drive away empty.

Next up:  kitchen, closets and bureaus…

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