Robotics Camp: day 3

Posted by Ace on January 5th, 2011 filed in letters from Ace

At the end of Day Three, the glory of the Orangutan Robot was finally revealed! Check it out in action:

We tried it on a metal wire first, and that gave it a lot of problems, both because the smooth metal of the wire didn’t allow its “hands” much purchase, and because the action of the motor causes lateral swinging that tends to make the arms miss when grabbing at a thin-width target. But it works superbly along a pole or broom handle, like they used in his class, and as you can see, pretty damn fine on an extension cord.

Aside from the fun of just building it, Jack also apparently organized the entire class into a Battle League, wherein they would send pairs of Orangutanbots at each other from opposite sides of the pole, and owners would score points for knocking the opposing bot off. I should probably have just seen if Battlebots had an after-school program…

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  1. Nick Says:

    The lad has a promising future with Survival Research Laboratories.