Dragon Magick Wares & Tiphareth Designs

Posted by Ace on January 22nd, 2011 filed in Dragonia, Second Life, Tiphareth Designs

So, D and I have a store now.  Or rather, an in-world store location.  It’s actually kind of two stores in one physical environment, as you can see:


Dragon Magick Wares, that’s her.  (Did you guess that?)  Tiphareth Designs, that’s me.  Originally we had planned to run everything under one name and banner, but we started out selling stuff on the SL Marketplace a few months ago, because that was easier and cheaper, and the structure of SL Marketplace currently requires everything associated with one storefront to be done through one avatar account.  Which would have been…  burdensome.  So instead she does her thing, and I do my thing, and I help her with whatever she needs, and she helps me likewise, and everyone goes home happy.  See?  Happy!

The store is in Sn@tch City, and has a teleport to a rezzing platform where you can whistle up any of D’s very cool houses and check ’em out before buying.  It also contains demos of some of my products and textures, most notably the Magic Circle and single-prim Reanimation Tome.  If you’re in SL, and have a hankerin’ to visit, you can find it HERE.

Do drop by.

UPDATE: As of 3/1/2011, the store is no longer located in the structure pictured above, nor on the Sn@tch City sim; we’ve moved it to the nearby New Kadath region. Details HERE

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