Screening Calls

Posted by Ace on January 29th, 2011 filed in artwork, Second Life, Tiphareth Designs

Asian screens are a dime-a-dozen in SL.  (Almost literally:  many of them retail in the L$30 range, which works out to about 11 cents US, and if they’re Copy, once you’ve bought one you can trot out as many duplicates of it as you want.)  I suspect it’s because they’re fairly easy to make.  All you have to do is be decent at creating (or stealing) textures, angle a couple of prims and BANG!  Good-looking Art piece.  Using a sculpt to do it may knock a prim or two off, and scripting it may make it more functional, but mostly it stands or falls on the art.

Anyway, here’s my hat in the ring:

The raw stock I used to created the art is a photograph I snapped right outside my apartment door, two days ago.  My neighbors caught me doing it, and then I had to explain why I was taking close-ups of snow.  :)

I haven’t decided what it will retail for yet.

update: I decided to retail it for L$30, since that was inside the target range of what one might expect to pay, and since the artwork is original, and since I am including both a transparent cloth and a fully opaque version in the shipping pack. Seems like a good deal for the money. At least to me…

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  1. Ace Says:

    The beautiful setting, btw, is the inside of a skybox called the Grand Salon that Dragonia designed.