Enough is Enough

Posted by Ace on August 11th, 2011 filed in letters from Ace, moving, Tales of the Interregnum

I wasn’t planning on doing this quite so soon-  but as I’m about to move a very long distance away from Shadetree, am either on-schedule or ahead-of-schedule in doing so, and what little salient commentary I have or wish to share about RL is limited to dumb-ass one liner posts about bubble-wrap, it seems obvious that it’s time to shut this puppy down.  So consider it shut down.  I declare the Interregnum over.  Goddess grant me the strength and the perseverance to make sure that whatever comes next isn’t twenty times worse.

Interregnum the Site will be left as an archive in this subdomain.  I have no plans to replace it with another site at this time.  There is a very nice forum, the Amber Horizons neighborhood forum, which I am the Administrator of, and which has recently been reopened after migrating it to my server;  if I choose to post anything in the near future, I will be posting it there.  The threads on the forum containing Second Life and Myst Online: URU Live content are publicly viewable by Guests, without registering, but any personal posts I make will probably be put in an area visible only to Members–  which I mention only because registration is currently closed to new members, pending replacement of the existing captcha scheme with a new one that spambots haven’t cracked yet.  ;P   If you are not already registered as a member there, and want to be, e-mail me [ace @ the root directory of this site];  I can set you up an account and password personally, with a minimum of fuss.

see ya ’round the campfire


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