Posted by Ace on August 25th, 2010 filed in letters from Ace, moving

It is still cool.  Still raining.

Three of Gloria’s tires have been refilled to 32 psi, and are holding at that pressure.  The fourth remains at 28 psi, because on that tire, the Union Jack valve stem that the Empress gave me has again fused to the valve, and cannot be removed without a wrench, and I did not have the wrench in the car when I visited the gas station.

I called the A+ mover back and told them that the other estimate I had gotten for the job was significantly higher, and asked if it was possible for them to send a representative to the house.  The owner of the company came himself.  He proved to be an extremely competent and professional individual, and allayed all of my fears that I might be getting swindled with a long discussion of all the particulars, including a thorough discussion of moving insurance, which the other company had not bothered to address.  He adjusted the estimate upwards slightly given the access conditions here at the Sealand apartment, and because we both could see that I was going to have more boxes than I had originally claimed, but the estimate total remained in the ballpark of the figure he had first given me, and I resolved to hire his company if possible.  When the supervisor at my new apartment confirmed the date I would finally have access, I did.

I get the keys Friday night, the 27th.  I unplug Eve on Monday, the 30th.  The movers come between 7:30 AM and 8 AM on Tuesday, the 31st.

I am moving to Shadetree.  My new apartment is 300 feet from the co-op where my son Jack lives.

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