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Dragonia Decuir as demon

Dragonia, as the floor manager of a prominent SL fashion store, gets previews of all the new items created by the designer who owns the place.  And she has a gazillion tattoos and skins and articles of clothing in her inventory to begin with.  So last night while we were at the Skybase she was trying out the preview items, and then she put them together with some of her existing items, and then I pulled out my camera and started shooting, and then Photoshop got involved, and the next thing you know…  well, you can see what happened.

The flames were added, obviously, and I had to do some work on the right arm to fix the penetration inherent in cross-armed avatar positions.  But other than that, yes, that really was what she looked like.

The fashion store has a poster contest every month, open for public submissions.  I did a copy with the store name superimposed in the upper left, and we threw it into the ring.  (Being a type-hound, of course, I actually like the version with the store name better.  But I don’t want to create the impression that it was commissioned or endorsed by the store owner, so I’m posting the textless version here.)  Given the tremendous amount of diverse visual art talent out there, it’s never gonna be a slam dunk, but I feel comfortable saying we’re at least in the running…

3 Responses to “Hot”

  1. Pigbristles Says:

    Yow. So, what’s the going price for souls, these days? I checked Ebay but they seem all over the map.

    Good luck on the contest! Awesome pic!

  2. Ace Says:

    Winners get selected this weekend…

  3. On Second Thought | Tales of the Interregnum Says:

    […] says the winners of the poster contest will be announced by […]