Even For Me

Posted by Ace on August 29th, 2010 filed in Second Life

Yes, I am putting up a lot of Second Life posts lately.  I am living in an apartment from which I am being evicted, surrounded by 100 boxes containing all my worldly possessions, waiting for a superintendent whom I cannot contact directly to call me and tell me that I can have the keys to my new apartment, hopefully before the movers come Tuesday morning to try to move everything into that new apartment.  And I have no income.  And the heat is back.  So cut me some slack.  There are a hundred blogs out there devoted to SL, and just SL.  It’s amazing I held out this long.

Anyway:  on the Krypto sim (10,247,74), stuck in the middle of a bunch of fairly unimpressive and moderately annoying carnival rides, there’s a small building called the Uptown Cinema, that streams old cartoons.  Mostly black and white Max Fleischer and Otto Mesmer stuff, although there were some other things in the mix, too:  the Warner Brothers “Private Snafu” WWII films, early Terrytoons, the original Action Comics-based Superman cartoons, some of the later color Popeyes.  Dragonia and I sat there for at least an hour watching them and laughing and commenting-  which if you take a step back and think about it, is somewhat bizarre.  Here are two people, physically over 3000 miles apart, who are both inhabiting virtual 3D avatars, sitting in a virtual 3D movie theatre, watching a digitized representation of 100-year-old 2D film animation (the content of which is bizarre to start with.)  That’s fairly surreal…

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