See You on the Other Side

Posted by Ace on August 30th, 2010 filed in letters from Ace, moving

I got the keys!  It’s time to pull the plug!

Holy cow…  I’m gonna need a shower curtain…  And a few hundred other things…

3 Responses to “See You on the Other Side”

  1. Church Says:

    Woo who!!

    Well considering as how you won’t see this until you’re set up again in your new place I suppose I should say..

    Welcome home!! :D

  2. dragonia Says:

    I’m so happy for you! No more blowing fuses, or cranky old ladies!

    Ditto what Church says:

    WELCOME HOME! xoxo

  3. Pigbristles Says:

    First rule of moving: don’t pack the alcohol. Hope it goes well, and (assuming you don’t get a pre-move internet fix at Starbucks or something), Welcome Back!