‘Keetyblogging II: Affinity

Posted by Ace on April 28th, 2009 filed in letters from Ace

Stephane Grappelli with parakeets

There is some unfathomable connection between budgerigars and jazz violin.

4 Responses to “‘Keetyblogging II: Affinity”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Just like St. Francis. Except he was into classic rock. Or so I’ve heard.

  2. Ace Says:

    “Heaven Can Wait?”

  3. yoko Says:

    I was thinking The Byrds.

  4. Ace Says:

    On the other hand, a local jazz station that allowed contributors to make pledges in the name of their pets announced this morning that cats had made a higher number of pledges than any of the other non-human species, hands down.

    [Insert joke about jazz cats here.]