Better Late Than Never

Posted by Ace on April 30th, 2009 filed in memes, poetry, Tales of the Interregnum

April is apparently National Poetry Month, at least according to Nickykaa, who tends to be apprised of such random matters.   He claims that if you love poetry, and you’ve got an on-line journal, you can best celebrate this fact by putting up a poem thereon.  And as it is still April for another 2 hours and 45 minutes, and oh look!-  I have an on-line journal!-  I will obey the Orbital Mind Control Lasers and capitulate.

It is the first poem I turned to, in a book I purchased less than half an hour ago.  You may make of that what you will.

Wake up lovers, it is time to start the journey!

We have seen enough of this world, it is time to see another.

These two gardens may be beautiful but

let us pass beyond them and go to the Gardener.

Let us kiss the ground and flow like a river

towards the ocean.

Let us go from the valley of tears to the wedding feast,

let us bring the color of blossoms to our pale faces.

Our hearts shiver like autumn leaves about to fall,

in this world of dust there is no avoiding pain or feeling exiled.

Let us become like beautifully colored birds

and fly to the sweet land of paradise.

Everything is painted with the brush of the Invisible One

let us follow the hidden signs and find the Painter.

It is best to travel with companions

on this perilous journey only love can lead the way.

We are like rain splashing on a roof

let us find our way down the spout.

We are like an arched bow with the arrow in place

let us become straight and release the arrow towards the target.

We have stayed at home scared like mice

let us find our courage and join the lions.

Let our souls turn into a mirror

longing to reflect the essence of Beauty.

Let us begin the journey home.

–Rumi (transl. Azima Melita Kolin & Maryam Mafi)

2 Responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Yoko Says:

    I should read more of Rumi.

    FYI, I am reminded about National Poetry Day from this site:

  2. Yoko Says:

    Oh, sorry– that’s National Poetry Month.